Schaller Megaswitch M

FYI : I created this post because I had this problem and hopefully it will be in search results for anyone to find and help.

I bought a Schaller Megaswitch M for my SS Fender Telecaster. I had a problem wiring it at first because the wiring is made for a bridge pickup with a separate ground wire. What I have is a neck pickup with separate ground wire.

So I found useful intel there on TDPRI and checked it and it works !

What it makes is a 5 position with :
- 1 : bridge only
- 2 : bridge + neck half out of phase (HOOP) in parallel
- 3 : bridge + neck parallel
- 4 : bridge + neck in series
- 5 : neck only

I used the wiring provided by TDPRI user waparker4 (thanks to him), and transfered it to the Schaller wiring diagram. Here it is.

Schaller megaswitch M wiring diagram for neck pickup with separate ground